2012 Elite Series Power-Pole Slam Lake Okeechobee - Okeechobee, FL, Mar 22 - 25, 2012

2012 Power-Pole Slam Live Blog

Kriet looking for giants

11:53 am EDT, Mar 24, 2012
Zona checks in from Jeff Kriet's boat where he has been the Marshal all morning.
We have Kriet with five fish weigh about 5 pounds. We also had a report earlier from Zona about a "friggin' giant" Kriet lost.
Those two things, Zona said, give us a clue as to what Kriet is looking at.
"This place has a lot of little fish and some big fish,'' Zona said. "There are no quality 3- and 4-pound fish that really fill out a limit."
Of course if Kriet captures a couple of those giants, then he will make big moves. It's worked well for him the last two days. But as Zona says, "it's risky."

Keeper size up after 9 a.m.

11:43 am EDT, Mar 24, 2012

In the War Room this morning, BASSTrakk manager Ryan Watkins figured up the following stats based on BASSTrakk data:


Between 8 and 9 a.m.  ET, nine keepers were reported for a total of 16.02 pounds.


Between 9 and 10, 45 keepers were reported for 105.03 pounds.


And between 10 and 11, 71 keepers were reported for 151 pounds.


That shows a spike in the larger fish between 9 and 10. The average weight per bass went from 1.78 pounds in the first hour, jumped up to 2.33, and has since come back down to 2.13.


For reference, the average weight of the bass weighed in during this tournament is 2.59 pounds.

When you're hot you're hot!

11:31 am EDT, Mar 24, 2012

After conversing with his brother Bobby, Chris Lane left the crowd at Observation Shoal and made a three-minute run to an unoccupied section of it. 


On the first pitch after setting his Power-Poles down, Lane set the hook on a 4-pounder. That also allowed him to cull a dink and should give him a total north of 19 pounds.

Observational Shoal getting crowded

11:19 am EDT, Mar 24, 2012

Observation Shoal has added a couple of new anglers. Terry Scroggins just pulled into the spot where Chris Lane started fishing here. Fletcher Shryock has also joined the gang. Chris and Bobby Lane are close enough to carry on a conversation.


Chris appears to be on the move and we are too.

Wellman catches nice one

11:05 am EDT, Mar 24, 2012

Nate Wellman lands a good sized fish, just moments ago. 

No brotherly love

10:52 am EDT, Mar 24, 2012

Observation Shoal is proving to be a popular area on Lake Okeechobee. Ott DeFoe has moved into sight. Chris Lane was working his way down the edge of  the reeds when another Elite Series angler roared in and started fishing about 200 yards in front of him. Guess who? Brother Bobby Lane.


A few moments later, Chris added his fifth bass of the day — a small one  that should give him 16 or 17 pounds total.

Slow part of the day

10:51 am EDT, Mar 24, 2012
This seems to be the slow part of the day. For the last couple of hours we've seen some steady jumps in BASSTrakk, but in the last 30 or 40 minutes, it appears to be all quiet on this front.
Some guys are starting to jockey around, but the catching has tapered off a bit.
Dave Mercer just hit the bank. He will be giving us an update with Bernie Schultz in the War Room at the top of the hour.
The most notable info he provided this far is Skeet Reese has yet to catch a keeper.

Lane on the move

10:49 am EDT, Mar 24, 2012

Chris Lane just made about a 5-mile move and we followed. Along the way we passed Derek Remitz, Gary Klein, David Walker and Jason Williamson. They are all spread out at least a quarter-mile apart, fishing an expanse of  pencil reeds on the west side of Lake Okeechobee.


Fishing conditions are close to  perfect. A south wind is blowing about 10 miles an hour, just enough to keep a ripple on the water, and it's 76 degrees.

Big fish not showing up

10:07 am EDT, Mar 24, 2012

We are seeing a lot of anglers catching fish, but the big ones haven't really started to show up. 


We do have David Walker with a 5- to 6-pounder, Chris Lane with a 5-pounder and Bradley Roy with a 7-pounder. But most of the catches have been what would normally be referred to as a solid keeper.


The video with this blog is from Darin Guglielmo, a Marshal with Steve Kennedy. Even though Guglielmo turned the camera sideways in the middle, you still get a good look at the fish and the fact that Kennedy is fishing around a spillway instead of the prolific vegetation around the lake.



Kriet fishing lily pads

9:54 am EDT, Mar 24, 2012

Mark Zona is spending the morning with Jeff Kriet and keeping us posted on what he's doing.


He just sent us a text telling us that Kriet is fishing a lily-pad flat in about 3- to 5-feet of water. He has a couple of keepers. Kriet is telling him that there are different windows when the fish feed.


Zona followed that info up with a quick text: "Just missed a friggin' giant."


One of those windows may be opening up for Kriet.


Meanwhile, we've verified that Ish Monroe does have a limit. All we could get was "a small limit."


We have to guess that to be in the 10- to 11-pound range. That will be enough to stave off the charge for the time being. But Chris Lane seems to have some things going his way, in a big way, with 15 pounds and four fish.


One giant and he's over 20 pounds, with room to cull.