2012 Elite Series Power-Pole Slam Lake Okeechobee - Okeechobee, FL, Mar 22 - 25, 2012

2012 Power-Pole Slam Live Blog

Lane adds a keeper

10:31 am EDT, Mar 25, 2012

It wasn't what he's looking for, but Chris Lane added a third bass to his livewell just now. It was about a one-pounder. 


Lane has had a few frustrating moments in the last 30 minutes, just missing on a couple of big bass that rustled the reeds in swimming after his jig. 


But, again, it's early, and he's done most of his damage later in the day. 


Meanwhile, James Overstreet is singing "Surfin' Bird," you know, "Bird, bird, bird, bird is a word." 


It's going to be a long day on The Big O

Bad luck for Rook

10:24 am EDT, Mar 25, 2012

Scott Rook still has 3 fish in the box but has had a string of bad luck. He lost a 6-pounder. Then he broke off a giant, and caught his first 2 short fish of the week. According to him I'm bad luck for him this morning and as you will see in this video he asked me to GET OUT lol.  Hopefully his luck changes now that I'm out of his boat.



10:11 am EDT, Mar 25, 2012

If you've ever heard the 1960s hit song "Wipeout" by The Surfaris, you might recall the maniacal laugh that proceeds the word "wipeout," the only lyric in the drum solo of a song. 


Well, James Overstreet and I feel like we're surrounded by birds belting out that maniacal laugh. 


"I don't recall the birds being this (expletive deleted) loud," Overstreet said. 


We're usually ready for the looney bin after one of these two-week Bassmaster Elite Series road trips, and we're maybe more so now. 


Meanwhile, Chris Lane continues to methodically flip a jig in the thick reeds along Observation Shoal. "I don't want to cull much today," Lane said. "Nothing but big ones."

Swim jigs working for Kriet

10:08 am EDT, Mar 25, 2012

Jeff Kriet is sticking with the swim jig mostly.  He's caught a couple more keepers and culled up to around 8 lbs.  No more rain but a persistent 8 to 10 mph breeze. Kriet has drifted about a half mile of the east side of this pass, still concentrating on the inside edge of lilly pad fields.

Waiting game

9:46 am EDT, Mar 25, 2012

A slow hour for Jeff Kriet. Five fish and only 5 1/2 pounds. Zona says that, much like yesterday, it will be a matter of wait until noon for the "female fun fest."

Lane strikes again

9:28 am EDT, Mar 25, 2012

Chris Lane just landed his second fish of the day. It appeared to be about like the first one -- in the neighborhood of the 3 pounds.


"You've got to start somewhere," Lane said.


The mid-day and early afternoon bite has been a dominant theme in this tournament, so any weight compiled this morning works as a confidence-builder.

Lane on the board

9:26 am EDT, Mar 25, 2012

Chris Lane started throwing one of his favorite topwater baits this morning, a Gambler Toad, and had a couple of blowups on it.


"It's too pretty a day not to throw it," he said of the overcast morning.


Then he put it down and went to work with the jig that has produced almost all his weight this week. Five minutes later he put his first bass in the boat, a 3-pounder.


"That's a good start," Lane  said.


It's startling when you think about it, but if Lane were to repeat his 31-pound bag of yesterday, that 3-pounder will be just another culled fish.

Rook with three fast

9:19 am EDT, Mar 25, 2012

Scott Rook is loving the cloud cover today. He is fishing the same area he has the first three days, but today they are busting on his topwater. He has three fish in the box early and has had another five or six wack at his bait.


Scott Rook

Lane back in his hotspots

8:56 am EDT, Mar 25, 2012

Photographer James Overstreet and I caught up with Chris Lane at 8:30 this morning, right where we left him yesterday afternoon at 1:30. But we weren't there five minutes before Lane made a short run to the north end of Observation Shoal, not far from Bird Island.


Speaking of birds, it sounds like you're in the heart of the Amazon when Lake Okeechobee's birds are going through their early morning greetings.


Lane appears to have this huge shoal of pencil reeds to himself. And it's more protected  from a 10-mile-per-hour southwest wind than the place he started this morning.

Catching fish quickly now

8:47 am EDT, Mar 25, 2012

Four fish now for 4.3 lbs in Jeff Kriet's livewell.  Not much weight but it's happening faster for him than it did yesterday.