2012 Elite Series Mississippi River Rumble Mississippi River - La Crosse, WI, Jun 21 - 24, 2012

2012 Mississippi River Rumble Live Blog

Kyle Fox's downfall

9:14 am CDT, Jun 23, 2012
| By Ken Duke

Kyle Fox's collapse on Day 2 was unprecedented in Elite Series history. He fell from first place all the way to 83rd. The previous worst fall for a Day 1 leader happened in 2006 on the Potomac River. Kevin Langill went from first to 50th on Day 2. Fox becomes the first Day 1 leader to fall completely out of the cut on the second day. 

Hackney gets hook in hand

9:03 am CDT, Jun 23, 2012

Greg Hackney had to take a detour this morning after a pike decided it wanted to eat instead of the bass.


"I was making my way back to a really good area and the fish were actually biting pretty good,'' Hackney said. "I had caught a couple of keepers and about five pike. The last one wiggled and the next thing you know, he has me to my knees."


Hackney's trailer hook was buried deep in the flesh between his thumb and finger. Unable to get it out, Hackney had to idle back to the ramp, where B.A.S.S. officials were able to jerk the hook. Check out the video of the process on BASSCam. The video was shot horizontally, but for some reason, it's showing up as if we shot it vertically. But it's definitely worth taking a look at.

Greg Hackney

Faircloth still in lead this morning

8:38 am CDT, Jun 23, 2012

Ron Twardoski, Todd Faircloth's Marshal for the day, sent this photo in of one of Faircloth's better fish. Faircloth has a limit that weighs around 13 pounds at the moment.


With that early and respectable lead, he seems to be in good shape to stay at the top of the standings.

Todd Faircloth

Rojas has about 9 pounds

8:35 am CDT, Jun 23, 2012

Dean Rojas' Marshal, Sport Smith, sent us in this photo of Rojas with a catch. Rojas has about 9 pounds on the day so far.

Dean Rojas

Iaconelli has three in the boat

8:32 am CDT, Jun 23, 2012

We found Ike!


And it wasn't hard to do as the ever-popular angler has a flotilla of spectators in his wake.


He's fishing a large grass flat in the Stoddard area and is throwing a frog over the matted vegetation.


He's got three right now, but he said they didn't have much size to them.


Weights are tight enough, though, that a big day today and he'll be fishing tomorrow.


Terry Scroggins, Rick Morris and Cliff Prince are also within sight, fishing a different part of the grassbed. 

Martens is culling

8:18 am CDT, Jun 23, 2012

Aaron Martens had his limit at 7:50 this morning, and he just threw back another fish. It didn't take a side-by-side comparison for him to determine that this one could go back in the water immediately. Martens needs to cull four of the five fish he has in his livewell in order to have a decent bag today, but he has that one kicker fish already. One 4-pounder has made all the difference this week.

Bobby Lane on a hot streak

8:16 am CDT, Jun 23, 2012
| By Ken Duke

Bobby Lane has now limited on 37 straight competition days. Only 10 streaks have been longer. The best, of course, was Kevin VanDam's 57 straight in 2008-'09. Bobby Lane already has the second longest streak at 47. He started his Elite career with it.

The fishing's been easier than ever in 2012. Through yesterday, 29 Elite Series anglers have limited every day they've competed this year. That number should fall a little, but maybe not a lot. The fishing on Lake Michigan and Oneida is strong, and most of these guys will limit at both venues.

Only six anglers have limited every day they competed for an entire season. That number will likely more than double this year because of the venues. The 2012 waters have produced a lot of bass, but they've mostly been on the small side.

Rojas catches a big one on a jig

8:15 am CDT, Jun 23, 2012

We finally caught up with Dean Rojas, fishing behind one of the man-made islands at the bottom of Pool 8.


He was fishing a current seam and, believe it or not, he wasn't throwing his namesake frog. Instead, he was working what looked like a black-and-blue jig, swimming it through hard cover.


We got there just in time, though, because in short order he hooked up with what looked like a 3- or 4-pounder that he flipped into the boat.


I asked him how many he has, and he held up three fingers.


If that is the kind of quality he's getting, I bet he's willing to sacrifice some numbers.


We don't get cell service back where he is, though, so after watching him catch another short, we decided to head upriver and see who else we can find. 

Lane has a 3-pounder

8:12 am CDT, Jun 23, 2012

Chris Lane said this morning he was not going to keep anything less than 3 pounds. Well, we just heard a big "POW" from his boat and, sure enough, he has a keeper, at least 3 pounds. He's back to casting into openings in the grass, Power-Pole down.

Pace Carolina rigging near Martens

8:06 am CDT, Jun 23, 2012
| By Greg Huff

Cliff Pace is Carolina rigging a point near the mouth of the canal where Aaron Martens is fishing. We have seen him catch about four short fish, but one went in the box. Spectators that arrived here sooner say he has four 2-pounders. Pace left briefly, asking the Martens' armada to stay off the point, buf motored back after 10 minutes on a nearby point after several boats began getting close to being on top of his spot.

Just now Pace boats another short and throws it back. My boat driver Chad says locals fish that point a little deeper on the drop. The bottom is all sand here. Five-inch and bigger shad are busting all over in the middle of the canal and on the point. Also, a 50-inch muskie surfaced a boat distance away from our boat, attacking shad.