2012 Elite Series Green Bay Challenge Lake Michigan - Green Bay, WI, Jun 28 - Jul 1, 2012

2012 Green Bay Challenge Live Blog

Valiant efforts on Green Bay today

1:45 pm CDT, Jun 30, 2012

We've heard all day that several of the pros are struggling, many just to get a limit. We know that top performers Greg Hackney and Dean Rojas haven't filled out their limits yet. But there are a few who have not only reported limits but who have also reported sacks 13 pounds or larger. Here they are, according to BASSTrakk:


Brandon Palaniuk, 19 pounds, 4 ounces

Kevin VanDam, 16-4

Tommy Biffle, 14-4

Mark Davis, 14-0

Aaron Martens, 13-0

Steve Kennedy, 13-0

Two limits, no big ones

12:25 pm CDT, Jun 30, 2012

We've made our final angler survey of the day before heading to Green Bay. On our way in we passed Ott Defoe, who signaled that he has five, but no big ones. We talked to Ish Monroe, who said he has five that weigh about 11 pounds. He also said that the last time he saw John Crews, Crews had only one fish.


Rick Morris is gone from the spot he said he was going to stay on all day, when we last talked to him.


Obviously, fishing is tough around Little Sturgeon Bay. Otherwise, it's a beautiful day to be on Lake Michigan, and lots of big pleasure boats and sail boats are on the water.

A rude awakening

12:04 pm CDT, Jun 30, 2012

Amid all this hot and heavy action (sarcasm alert) I decided to lay down on the back deck of the boat with my hat over my eyes. A few minutes into my siesta, I felt something wet dangling on my legs and raised up to see Dean Rojas twitching a soft plastic bait on me.


But I wasn't biting either.


We did just see Terry Scroggins catch a smallmouth bass. He held it up toward us, said, "Trophy, boys," and put it back in Lake Michigan.


Boyd Duckett just buzzed by us and signaled that he had four fish. That's the best we know of. Duckett was in 31st place entering Day Three of the Green Bay Challenge, which appears to be defining the word "challenge" today.


Kevin Ledoux is also in the neighborhood. He's got one bass so far.

Morris drawing a blank

11:34 am CDT, Jun 30, 2012

Rather than heading to the boat ramp, our curiosity got the best of us, and we headed back out to check on a few more anglers.


Rick Morris is  still on the spot that he and Aaron Martens started on this morning.


"I hope you brought some good luck with you," Morris said. "I've had no bites.


"I'm going to hang in here until the end. It is what it is."


Terry Scroggins and Dean Rojas obviously couldn't  find anything better than their hot spot yesterday, so they're back on it.


Rojas told us they have two bass apiece.


The way things are looking, today's leaderboard could get scrambled.

Hackney struggling, too

11:14 am CDT, Jun 30, 2012

There's barely a breeze blowing back in this bay where Greg Hackney is fishing. Hackney is in deep concentration, so we didn't attempt to break it, but his Marshal signaled that Hackney doesn't have a keeper yet.


All the leaders we'd planned on following today have moved off their primary areas, and we can't find anyone else catching fish, so we're putting the boat on the trailer and heading back to Green Bay.


For more on Hackney, check out this video that just came in from Dennis Tietje:


Rojas has one fish, makes a move

11:05 am CDT, Jun 30, 2012

The party's over

10:55 am CDT, Jun 30, 2012

The party that fishing buddies Terry Scroggins and Dean Rojas had yesterday on one bank in Little Sturgeon Bay is officially over. Rojas was the last to leave.


We've moved on to observe Greg Hackney, who is quietly lurking among the leaders. He entered the day tied with John Crews in fifth place with 34-1.


He and Crews are actually fishing within sight of each other, but are employing completely different styles. And they are far enough away that there won't be any territory issues between them.

Palaniuk in the lead

10:52 am CDT, Jun 30, 2012

Brandon Palaniuk fans will be the happiest to learn that BASSTrakk is now working again after a delay this morning. The on-the-water reporting tool shows Palaniuk with a huge bag of 19 pounds, 4 ounces already this morning!


Palaniuk is one of 11 anglers with a limit. The unofficial numbers show him with 54-4 as his two-day total. Behind him are Kevin VanDam, 45-10, Aaron Martens, 45-7, and Tommy Biffle, 45-1.


Dean Rojas, yesterday's leader, is only showing one fish that weighs 3 pounds, 4 ounces. He's currently showing in sixth place.

Unofficial standings

10:51 am CDT, Jun 30, 2012
  1. Brandon Palaniuk 15 pds  50-0 total
  2. Tommy Biffle  15-8 48-5
  3. Jonathon VanDam 13-0 48-0
  4. Kevin VanDam 12-0 46-1
  5. Aaron Martens 6-8 43-7
  6. Dean Rojas 3-5 42-1
  7. Chris Zaldain 6-8 40-9
  8. Russ Lane 9-5 39-5
  9. Scott Rook  9-8 38-11
  10. Shaw Grigsby  10-0 38-3
  11. Travis Manson 11-0 37-8
  12. Brent Chapman 8-8 37-0
  13. Ish Monroe 4-12 36-14
  14. John Crews 6-9 36-8
  15. Stephen Browning 5-14 35-7

These are our Top 15 standings at the moment, based on what we can get from BASSTrakk, cameramen and Marshal reports. These are not complete or official.

Good vibes in Zaldain's boat

10:35 am CDT, Jun 30, 2012

We just got this report from one of our photographers, Darren Jacobson:


Nothing for Dean Rojas yet, so we head to an offshore hump with Chris Zaldain.

Zaldain has one keeper in the box and immediately gets another as we pull up. Zona says he's luring them with a swimbait and then following up with the drop shot. He adds there's a good vibe in that boat.