2012 Bassmaster Classic Red River - Shreveport-Bossier City, LA, Feb 24 - 26, 2012

2012 Classic Live Blog

Lane wants to move North

12:05 pm CST, Feb 26, 2012

Braid? Fluoro?


Chris Lane is using 15 lb. Stren Super Brute MONO, which he said has just the right amount of stretch.


It's spooled on a Revo 7:1 gear ration baitcasting reel mounted on a 7'1" All Star rod.


He"s itching to leave and go north. "I can win it up there," he said. "I accomplished what I needed to do down here."

Excitement surrounds Jones

12:05 pm CST, Feb 26, 2012

It has gotten a lot more lively than even Alton Jones expected in here. The wind has picked up and he just upgraded with a three-pounder. Meanwhile, a wild hog came tromping along the bank behind Jones, not anywhere close enough to be a threat.


Out  on the main river channel, someone just boated by with a sound system that would rival the one in the CenturyLink Center, providing Jones with some background music for that last fish catch. I don't think Alton  Jones will be adding this song as his theme music any time soon: "The High Cost of Living Ain't Nothing Like the Cost of Living High."

Guess Alton's weight

12:02 pm CST, Feb 26, 2012

It's official - we have no idea what Alton Jones' total weight is  at this time. He just caught a 2 1/2 pounder and culled a fish. We thought he only had four in the livewell, but he was out of our sight for about 30 minutes this morning and, obviously, caught  a fish then.


If we were guessing, we'd put him at 10 pounds now, but he has one fish in the livewell that we never saw.


Jones is working his way back to us, so we should be able to talk to him again shortly.

Update from Horton's observer

12:02 pm CST, Feb 26, 2012

We've picked up Tim Horton's observer Bill Bjork.  He said that Horton's action has been steady. A bite comes along every 45 minutes or so.


Bjork said that Horton is fishing with a spinnerbait that he made this morning first thing. We can only imagine that it's a Booyah spinnerbait frame, but Horton has added a brownish skirt and changed the blades to ones that have more of a cup to them. Horton's been throwing it around the many stumps that dot this finger of White House. Horton has now moved out of that finger to the entrance and is working around the shallows.


Bjork said that the key to Horton getting bit is that he's burning the bait right under the surface, working it like a wakebait.

Bassmaster Classic in the shower

11:54 am CST, Feb 26, 2012

We're trying a new thing at the Bassmaster Classic this year. It's the War Room, a live video stream that runs from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Central. Our goal is to give you a live view into the Super Bowl of bass fishing-- with regular analysis from our experts including Steve Bowman, Mark Zona, Tommy Sanders, Trip Weldon and more. One of the cool features you'll see is out GPS enabled map, showing the locations of all the anglers. 


We've gotten a lot of great response to the War Room, particularly on Facebook. Here's my favorite, from Kimberlee Chambers Striker.


"Bowman, you're doing a great job at explaining how everything works behind the scenes... so good that I am now taking my laptop into the bathroom with me while I get my shower so I won't miss anything! :)"

Dropping water levels

11:42 am CST, Feb 26, 2012

Chris Lane is focused on the edges of the cover because the water has dropped.


He said it's "exactly the same" as when he won the Open on the Harris Chain last month. "The only difference is that it's hyacinths instead of lily pads."


He said the bites are coming in flurries but he's not sure if he wants to "wait for them to kick back on."

The Gambler?

11:40 am CST, Feb 26, 2012

The bottom of Chris Lane's boat is littered with Gambler creature baits, but he's most excited about another bait -- the SnagProof Guntersville frog. "I've got big plans for that later today," he said.


Vinson's fourth keeper

11:39 am CST, Feb 26, 2012
| By Trey Reid

The day's playing out exactly as Greg Vinson predicted. The later it gets, the better the fishing. Vinson yanked out his biggest fish yet, a bass he estimated at 4 1/2 pounds. He caught it off a bed with a Cajun Craw that's brown and orange. After dealing with camera boats and tape exchanges, he's back in the game and looking at another one.


That pushes his estimated total to about 10 or 11 pounds.

In the White House

11:37 am CST, Feb 26, 2012

We've left McDade and are in the first finger on the left in White House. Some observers said Horton has been catching fish pretty steady. We're not sure what he's throwing yet yet. There's submerged hydrilla, but the water is still quite murky. However, these fish live here year-round.

Another one for Chris Lane

11:32 am CST, Feb 26, 2012

Chris Lane said if he catches another 2 1/2 lber in here he'll head north. He has a spot where he caught a 6 at the end of the day yesterday, then left. He didn't want to start there this morning because he thought it would be ruined by spectator traffic. He commented that the spectators have been "fantastic."


After one more pass he plans to "go for the gusto."


"I'm not here to finish second."