2012 Bassmaster Classic Red River - Shreveport-Bossier City, LA, Feb 24 - 26, 2012

A hike to get view of Chris Lane

2:00 pm CST, Feb 26, 2012 | By Pete Robbins

JO and I just hiked a few hundred yards through the woods to get a better view. We still can't see Chris Lane, out Classic leader when the day began, but there's a single spectator boat who has offered to pick us up.


They reported that he caught one around 2 pounds and culled with it. Lane is leading on BASSTrakk with a bag of about 13 pounds today and a total of 48-8. Greg Vinson reportedly has 13-12 today for a total of 48-4, just 4 ounces behind Lane.


This is shaping up to be a wild finish. Where is the game-changer?


With the warmer temps and how they caught them yesterday afternoon, someone will land one.