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Tournament Virgin, Part 2: 1/1,000 of a second

Jerry and Linda of Pittsburgh, Pa.Jerry and Linda of Pittsburgh, Pa.

Turns out Jerry just retired this past June, a lifetime working the railroad out of Pittsburgh, and now Jerry and Linda are fishing their first tournament together, “We been married 42 years, been fishing together for 35 of those years, this is the first tournament together for us…”

“How’s it going?” I ask Linda not Jerry.

“Great,” and both laugh, both look at each other, smile.

I shout out to them, “How’s the fishing?”

“Not good,” one of them shouts back but, “we’re having a great time.”

Giggles from the boat with Pennsylvania tags.

Freeze frame.

“...but it's moments like these that make me wish…”

To be someone else has always been my goal, as a writer.

To be somewhere else has always been my goal, as a writer.

And to take you there with me.

We in the media are blessed, and often we forget that, but we are blessed to be your eyes, your ears, and that is all we are supposed to be…your designated driver to the places you’re not.

Sometimes, though, the table gets flipped, and you take us, you become the driver, we become just the riders of your tour,

and today that happened to me,

I stepped on board your life,

with virgin eyes.

And I am more convinced now, that at its core, at your core, it’s not about the fish.

It’s about those who fish.  With you, against you, doesn’t seem to matter, on the water, all are family.

‘Street told me he tells people, “Learn to be happy wherever you are.”

I would tell you, take life, 1/1000th of a second at a time.

And today showed me, that’s the best way to describe fishing,

days on the water are gifts of life at 1/1000th of a second, moments with nothing getting in the way.

Thank you for giving me these moments of your time, many of them I will never forget.

It sounds corny but now that I have been standing there with you, I will always cherish 15 minutes ‘til first safe light, calm water, a ball of orange in the sky, and the song of us, the national anthem, but I suspect, those are special to you as well.

Freeze frame.

Life at 1/1000th of a second,

moments without interference,

on a planet colored,


“…I could freeze frame time.”

“Freeze Frame Time”

Brandon Rhyder