2013 Toyota Bonus Bucks Owners Tournament Wheeler Lake - Decatur, AL, Sep 7 - 8, 2013

Tournament Virgin, Part 2: 1/1,000 of a second

My first, and only, catch of the day.My first, and only, catch of the day.


So I stood up and made a perfect overhead cast that went out for probably 20 yards, maybe 12-15 feet in the air and promptly hooks the barge.  Technically, I caught several tons today.

Jimmy hands me his rod and reel, “I’ll free that. You have any kids?”

“Yeah, two, Ashley almost 30, Jimmy almost 25, you?”

Jimmy unsnags my catch, “I have a young son, he’s 13 weeks old. I never thought I would ever say this but I have so much fun just sitting on the floor and eating Cheerios with him….”

And Jimmy is no longer fishing, but tasting Cheerios, me I’m smelling baby shampoo because at 13 weeks I would pick up both my children and rub noses until they started giggling and putting their hands on my face.

“What’s your son’s name?”

“Wheeler…I named him after this lake. It’s where my Daddy first took me fishing and it’s where I plan to take him fishing as well.”

Cheerios, and baby shampoo, the best catch of our day.

Freeze frame.

“…watch the world come alive…”

“Hi, I’m Jerry….and I’m Linda.”

Jimmy and I have just pulled up on a couple fishing the tournament. I shout “Where you guys from?”


“Pittsburgh, where in Pittsburgh…”

They tell me the name of a town just one town over from where I used to live in Pittsburgh.

“Really, how cool, I used to work in Pittsburgh at WPXI….”

“Wow, did you know…”

And out on the water during the Toyota Bonus Bucks Tournament I’m suddenly transported back to Pittsburgh circa 1993, television news personality names are being shouted back and forth between boats, names and people I haven’t thought of in 20 years.