Tools of the trade

Audio Fish Attractants

Last year, a unique sound-making device called the HydroWave was introduced to the bass world. According to company claims, the unit will transmit the recorded audible sounds of schooling baitfish and subsurface feeding activity — which, when applied correctly, can provoke bass to feed.

Elite Series pros Kevin Van Dam and Jeff Kriet thought so much of the technology, they partnered with the company. Both are convinced the sound transmissions of the HydroWave has made a definite difference in their catch rates.

The HydroWave consists of a self-contained base unit, sound cable and submersible speaker, and it's easy to install. Basically, all you need is a source of power. The base unit can be positioned on the deck for ease of operation, while the sound speaker is attached to the lower unit of the trolling motor.

Since its introduction, many other pros have bought into the concept of "calling fish." They too believe it can stimulate bass that are schooling or those relating to structure. It features various recordings of live shad and shiners, with a volume control to amplify sound levels to greater distances.

With so many singing its praises, this sound magnet for bass may be the next best angling accessory. See it at

Better Safe Than Sorry

Theft is always a concern, especially for anglers on the road. Two years ago I installed a Two-Way Alarm system in my boat. Now I sleep better at night knowing my equipment is well guarded.

Like the HydroWave, the Two-Way Alarm is self-contained and only needs a power source. It's compact and weather resistant, so you can mount it just about anywhere.

Mine is concealed beneath the driver's console using silicone and adhesive strips provided by the manufacturer. If a would-be thief even bumps my boat, the alarm will sound. You can set it for a loud audible alarm or the silent mode. In the audible mode, a siren will alert everyone in the area. In the silent mode, only you will know there's an intruder. Either way, the unit's key-fob type remote control will function more than 100 yards away, even through the walls of a building.

For about the price of a new rod, you can protect your boat and fishing equipment, and get some piece of mind in the process. To learn more, go to the company website at