Tools of the trade

Poles That Push

Anytime bass are super shallow, stealthy boat control is important. Never was this point made more clearly than during the Bassmaster Elite Series tournaments held in Florida this past season. The pros learned they could catch far more fish by push-poling through the spawning flats, rather than plowing them over with a trolling motor.

There are many push poles on the market, and most do a good job, but for many pros, the ones that can be stored in a rod locker are favored. Among them is the SuperStick — a 2-piece telescopic pole designed to gain traction on different bottom compositions. One end features a duck foot for soft bottoms, the other has a spiked tip for hard bottoms.

The company also offers multiple attachments to make the SuperStick a more versatile tool. Press the quick-release button and you can swap attachments, converting the pole into a paddle, landing net, lure retriever, deck mop, or other useful tool.

The SuperStick sells for under $200 and comes in two expandable lengths — 6 to 10 feet and 9 to 17 feet. Find a dealer online at

Catchy Culling Devices

Catching lots of fish on tournament day is always rewarding, but culling them can be frustrating and time consuming. That's why today's culling systems are so invaluable — they help reduce the amount of time it takes to get a lure back in the water.

 Survey the field at any B.A.S.S. event, and you'll find there's a wide variety of culling systems in use. For me, I rely on two: the more traditional culling beam by Extra Edge Fishing and the new Rapala Touch Screen Scale (Tournament Model).

If I'm working with a pair of fish that are approximately the same size, I may use the Extra Edge beam. But normally I rely on the Rapala scale exclusively. The kit comes complete with numbered floats for marking individual fish. As weights are recorded, the unit assigns a number to each fish, then tells you which to cull once you've exceeded your limit.

This highly accurate digital scale renders weights in pounds and ounces or kilograms, and it's backlit for easy reading. It's simple to use and water resistant. Find it at