2011 Bass Pro Shops Northern Open #3 Oneida Lake - Syracuse, NY, Sep 22 - 24, 2011

Surprised myself

Mark Hicks
Valerie transfers her bass to the official weigh bag.

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Valerie Hicks

Valerie Hicks

Valerie Hicks, daughter of Bassmaster angler Mark Hicks, will join her father blogging about their experiences fishing the Northern Open on Oneida.

Where do I begin? The day started with rain and ended with rain at the weigh-in. I didn’t think I would be able to fish all day. I surprised myself.

I kept casting right to the end. That’s a good thing, because I caught my only bass of the day on a spinnerbait with 15 minutes left to fish.

I have to thank my partner Eric Smith. He kept me laughing all day and did everything he could to help me catch my bass.

We fished shallow all day, so I didn’t have a chance to fish with a drop-shot. That’s what I do best.

I also caught two pickerel and a perch that was only 3 inches long. I couldn’t believe that little thing bit my spinnerbait.

It was exciting to go on stage and have Chris Bowes weigh my first tournament bass. I couldn’t believe my 2 1/2-pound smallmouth weighed exactly the same as the bass my dad caught. I guess we’re on the same wavelength.

My only regret is that the knit cap I bought at Bass Pro Shops blew off my head and into the water on the way to the weigh-in. There wasn’t enough time left to turn around and get it. I loved that cap.

I’m ready for some dry clothes and a good night’s sleep. My fishing day is shorter tomorrow, because I’m in the second flight. I hope that’s enough time for me to catch another bass ... or two.