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The strength of Mike Jacobs

“…it's gonna be alright…”

Now comes, the strength of Mike Jacobs.

“I’ve never really cried, except the time I had to call my father from an airport to tell him that I had some disappointing news; they found the three spots. If I wasn’t in an airport where people could see me, I would have cried.”

I don’t know how a 20-year-old child told me that without crying, for goodness sake I’m crying writing it.

For a moment after he said it, the bright green eyes went dim, but then, in a flash, came back the glow, “You know, you can’t live your life thinking about the bad things.”


“I don’t get mad anymore, not important…”


“Trying to be a better person…”


“Don’t take anything for granted…”


“Enjoy the simple things in life…”



“…in a matter of time…”

This next part here is for Mike, ya’ll can listen in though.

Dude, the last thing you said to me went pretty much something like this, “It was great talking to you because you understand this with you having cancer, you get it.”

Red hair and freckles,

I GET none of this.


You are a child, with cancer.

I’m an old fart, with cancer.

I have lived three times the amount of time you have been on earth.  I have loved, I have married, I have had children, been everywhere you can fly or walk to, owned fast cars and slow whiskey, confessed too much, lied to the IRS.

You have never had that chance.

No, I don’t get it, get that the darkness comes not just for the old, but for the young. I would double up my cancer in a heartbeat if it meant I would never have to hear the story of another child in the dark.

But, Dude, there comes a bright spot, for you, for me, for all of us slapped up the head by mortality.

And this is it, we become, the KIND in MAN.

We become what the universe meant us to be.

We love life, every minute of it.  We love each other, all shapes all kinds.  We laugh, we cry, we hug, and we help.

We believe, in each and everyone’s own special way.

In other words, once through the darkness, we become the humanity, of humans.

We understand, as you know, as you told me, Love Wins.

Dude, life, be it long, be it short, is fueled by love.  It is why we crawled out of the oceans, or landed from the stars.

And I know you are beginning to get this, I see it in your eyes, I see it in your actions as you are reaching out to comfort others with the fishing tournament you are about to run at Georgia Southern University that will help benefit the Cancer Society.

Red hair and freckles,

I wish you to be here with us for a long, long time.

Red hair and freckles,

we need you here,

for your smile,

for your strength.

Peace my friend, it’s not about the number of days,

it’s about the number of,



and spreading,


“…cause flying ain't nothing just falling with style.”

“Falling With Style”

Jason Boland & The Stragglers