2013 B.A.S.S. Nation Eastern Divisional Sebago Lake - Point Sebago, ME, Sep 18 - 20, 2013

Pick 9!

Meet Alex Wetherell.

Todd is the captain of the NY youth team here, Alex also fished the junior side of the competition, he did it for a couple of years for Connecticut, but now, at age 20 he’s a regular dude, fishing the regular dude side of the boat.

In 2010 Alex won the Bassmaster Junior World Championship, got a $5,000 scholarship, which he assured me he handed straight over to Central Connecticut State University, “I’m majoring in Marketing and Business.”

I believe him, I know his parents and I know they are smiling over that scholarship dough.

How important was Alex’s time in the Juniors with mentors like Todd, “db it was extremely important, kept me focused especially in high school where most people were just partying.”

“What where you doing.”

“Fishing helped me concentrate, I was given goals and I worked hard to reach them.”

In his first year of eligibility to fish on the state team, not as a junior, Alex made the team, at age 20, certainly the youngest man on the team.

“I want to be a pro angler, but I also want a college degree to fall back on, and with pro-fishing the way it is today, it’s not bad to have a degree in both marketing, marketing myself and my sponsors, and business, banking the money I make.”

“Tell me dude, what did you get out of all that junior stuff, did you get anything out of it other than a few cool lures and rods and reels.”

“Absolutely, I learned it is possible to do all this, man.”

Alex, my young friend, “all this” is waiting for you.  What do you tell someone younger than most of the sweaters in your closet, blue sky, or dirt.


Earth, is a team sport.

Listen not to those who shout, but to the whispers of your heart.

Market, the kind, in man.

Raise a toast to Todd, and all those like him that got you here. 

Your future comes from those in your past.  Your role models are those who love you, care for you, not those you see on posters and in pictures.

Touch the world, softly.  Be gentle with hearts, and all living things.

And listen to guys like, Ray Meyer, a dude on the New Hampshire team.

“…spare a part for his wife and his children…”