2013 B.A.S.S. Nation Eastern Divisional Sebago Lake - Point Sebago, ME, Sep 18 - 20, 2013

Pick 9!

Meet, Todd Covert.

A member of Team New York, 54 years old, lives in Port Crane, NY, married for 16 years to Juliann, been a painter/sheet rocker, “for 30 plus years now.”

Random pick #1.

“Why would you pick me, I’m not that interesting…”

“Everyone has a story.”

“I don’t.”

“Really, what do you do.”

“I’m a painter, sheet rocker.”

“Ah hum.”

“Not that interesting, see.”

“Where do you do this painting, sheetrocking.”

“Back home, I do it for a company that buys homes and then fixes them up to be group homes for disabled people, it makes me feel good that I can take a place and make it so it is easier for a disabled person to have a normal life.”

And all I do is smile.

Todd has a story and it’s one of helping people.  Turns out he is Captain of the New York State Youth Team, “I enjoy helping the kids, working with them, not getting in the way mind you, but just being there if they need me.”

Todd has been fishing, “all my life, since maybe I was a year old (laughs),” but is “ a quite laid back kind of guy, fishing has helped me become more competitive, but I’m still a pretty laid back guy.”

As I put my pen down and start folding up my notebook Todd clears his throat and then softly says, “You know I married the greatest woman…”

I pick the pen back up, don’t say a word, a few seconds goes by, Todd clears his throat once again, I’m just sitting there, experience tells me when he is ready he well say what’s on his mind, I just sit and let the story breathe.

“My wife, is the best, whenever I’m away from home we Facetime on the phone, we facetimed last night as a matter of fact.”

My only question, was just a smile.

“When I was here on the water she went out and got a hair cut, I told her it looked nice, she’s beautiful you know.”

And it was then I knew the story of Todd’s life, helping others, and, Juliann.

“…spare a thought for his back breaking work…”