2013 B.A.S.S. Nation Eastern Divisional Sebago Lake - Point Sebago, ME, Sep 18 - 20, 2013

Pick 9! Part 2

Meet, Curtis Cronkwright, 34 years old, from Lakefield, Ontario, married 10 years now to Melissa, 2 young children, one of each, a musician and Educational Assistant who works with Special Needs students.

“I love it and the kids, you get the children at face value, they are who they are, they are not anybody else, no games.”

Curtis is a drummer who plays in many bands including the rhythm and blues band, Slips’n The High Fives.  “I was educated in Jazz, Big Bands, but I play with Rock bands, Funk, Blues…”

And he lists several other genres of music that he plays, Jazz though seems to be his home with is favorite drummer being Jazz great, Bill Stewart.

“Being in a band helps me out here because any band is greater than the sum of its parts.”

A band, is team work, and who better to realize that than the drummer, the dude who keeps the beat that keeps every one together.

“I use music all the time to reach the children I work with, they love it.”

If on this planet there is a universal language I believe it to be, music.

On the dock today, during a fog delay, Jon Stewart, and his B.A.S.S. tournament crew, played music, some country, some rock, some I have no idea what it was, but off to the side, Jon, who used to be the lead singer of a college Rock’n Roll band, started playing the “air keyboards.”

As I watched him “play” on a dock behind him, a Canadian angler started tapping his foot, the next dock a dude from Maine started playing the “Air Guitar,” and standing next to him, Victoria from Spain started swaying to the beat.

Music, the bond, for all the parts.

“…let's drink to the salt of the earth…”