2013 Bass Pro Shops Southern Open #3 Logan Martin Lake - Pell City, AL, May 16 - 18, 2013

Pick-3 at Southern Open #3

“…oh, who are you…”

Bottom Row L to R: Linda Higginbotham, Kathy Freelhing. Top Row L to Right: Miriam Donohoo, Jenny SanderDon BaroneBottom Row L to R: Linda Higginbotham, Kathy Freelhing. Top Row L to Right: Miriam Donohoo, Jenny Sander
Meet Linda, Kathy, Miriam & Jenny of the Bass Capital Bass’n Babes Club from Palatka, Fla.

Okay, this kind of blows up the PICK-3, but I think it still qualifies because whenever I asked a question…they ALL answered at once.

So after the first couple of supposedly directed questions, I just asked a question to no one in particular and wrote down which answer I heard best.

Because of that, I’m going to be guessing pretty much who said what. I may be wrong but I’m still going to put quotes around it to be official-like.

Linda Higginbotham, 61, lives now in Palm Coast, Fla., but is originally from up where I live in Connecticut.  A widow, she has been a RN for 25 years, works now in the ER.

Kathy Freelhing, 61, lives in Interlocking, Fla., widowed, been working at Walmart the past 23 years.

Miriam Donohoo, 57, lives in San Mateo, Fla., married 2 kids, been working at Georgia Pacific for 24 years.

Jenny Sander, 50, “I’m the baby of the group,” lives in Byron, Ga., works as a Field Project Supervisor for Walmart, been with the company now 26 years.

Here’s where it gets near impossible to say who said what, so here’s what the GROUP told me, “This is the fourth year we have been competing together in the Bassmaster Opens.”

All of the ladies own their own bass boats but compete as co-anglers, “We can’t afford to be up front yet, someday though.”

They all have been in the Bass club, “since at least the 1980s, maybe longer.” Three of them mention club dues; one of them, I won’t say who to protect her, how do you say, forgetfulness, says, “I know, I know, I’ll give you the check.”

Most of the interview is punctuated with laughs and wise cracks by a group of people who clearly like and enjoy the company of each other.

They tell me of how they would like to fish more Opens but, “we have to take vacation and personal days to do this, and sometimes we just can’t make all the events.”

Linda seems to be the leader, the most comfortable one in the group; it is her job to find and book the hotels for the tournaments, “got to find those types of places to stay where we can run power to the boats to charge the batteries.”

These ladies aren’t out here playing; both Linda and Miriam have Top 12 finishes under their belts… “It used to be none of the guys would talk to us; now they come around asking if we are catchin’ them and where on what.”

“So, do you tell them?”

“Sort of.”

“We compete against everyone out there but we really compete amongst ourselves. Thing is, the person amongst us who at the end of the tournament has the heaviest weight…that person buys dinner.”

And out broke four smiles.