An open letter to Gerald Swindle

“…not ever come your way…”

Gerald, my friend, as only a close friend will tell you, tell you from experience, peace of mind comes first.

I never had a lick of success until I came to peace with myself.

Came to peace with what I did.

Took care of the game within the man.

Success, in whatever field of play you are in comes from commitment, confidence, and courage.

Peace within, makes all those possible.

I have found that it was myself who helped put the monkey that was on my back.

I lifted it up, I put it there, and it was the monkey that got game, not me.

I was about to tell you something when someone came up to talk to you, and I left, so I will tell you what I was going to tell you in private, I’ll tell you it in public.

You changed me.

It was you who broke the barrier in me between what/who I covered and whether I cared or not.

I see you, not as the mirror of the sport, but the mirror, of me.

The mirror of a 4th and inches life.

When I told my bosses I wanted to do this story with you, wanted to write you this open letter, they asked one simple question…why.

And my honest answer was this: “I need to know if he has anything left, I need to know what it is that will define him.”

Welcome, my friend, to emptying the tank on no matter what you do. Welcome to the ups, welcome to the downs.

“db, I told my Marshal in the boat that last day, I told him, ‘son, no matter what else happens today, son, you have just seen the magic that is out there.”

I believe that there is true magic in the world.

I believe, it is all around us and is a sign from the hand above that guides.

I believe the true magic in the world, to be, peace within.

And with that peace, comes wins.

On stage,

and off.

“…dream it anyway.”


Martina McBride

Peace my friend, peace.