2013 Carhartt College Series Bassmaster Classic Bracket
Grand River - Muskegon, MI, Sep 27 - 29, 2013

An open letter to College Series anglers

Laugh every day.

Cry every day.

Every day, play the air guitar, help someone, smooch, sneak candy, do something you think you can’t do.


Be emotional, it is okay to have emotions, those who hide theirs will one day see their mistake, and then it will be to late.

Do unto.

Learn young, life is about others, give, and take only others into your heart.

If life were only about you, you would be the only one here.  You’re not.

Embrace difference.

Stand up against hatred, kneel for peace.



never stop,

no matter what age,

playing air guitar.

“…oh your smiling face, your gracious presence…”