2013 Carhartt College Series Bassmaster Classic Bracket
Grand River - Muskegon, MI, Sep 27 - 29, 2013

An open letter to College Series anglers

Hold tightly, the now of your young lives.

Rush not tomorrow; you will be old much longer than you will be young.

That is why young is so special.

Grasp the now, grasp today, and there will be no regrets when tomorrow comes.

I regret that throughout my life I have always wanted to be where I was not.  I was always focused on the future, my future and lost sight of the present.

Focus not on what you want to be, focus on what you are and where you are.

Here’s a secret of the old, up here where most of our days are behind us, up here, every day is a gift, every day is to be cherished and lived thoroughly.

Learn that young, and your life will be magical.

Had I learned that young, I would have danced every day with my wife.

Had I learned that young, I would have snuggled every day with my infant children.

Had I learned that young, I would have had a house full of puppies.

Had I learned that young, LIFE would have been my JOB, not the other way around.

As it was.

“…these are the days, the time is now…”