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My hometown: Ott & Jennie DeFoe

Almost 10 years to the date of their wedding, this is what I see through the lens of my camera…

Don Barone

The DeFoes live in Knoxville, Tenn., but way out on the edge of it on a three-mailbox road. On one side of their house lives Ott’s older brother, Sunny. Open their front door and run across their front yard…

Don Barone

..and the kids are at Grandma Defoe’s house. You see that 2nd floor room with the curtains drawn?

“That’s my room, db. I was born just a couple months after my parents finished building the house. I grew up in that room.”

But check out the fencing: That’s metal guide rails, painted brown, that came from here…

Don Barone

…Tennessee Guardrail Inc., which was owned by this guy…

Don Barone

…obviously one of Ott’s biggest boosters…his dad, Bud.


“When my brother, Sunny, and I were young, we used to go down to dad’s company and hang around but run down the road to….

Don Barone

…this spot, the upper end of the Fort Loudon Lake.

“It was when I was 7 years old and Sunny was12 years old; we would come down right to this spot and spend all day fishing, skipping rocks, just hanging around…”

And right after I took this shot, Ott just turned around and stood there for several minutes,

watching, I’m sure, in his mind,

a 7 and 12-year-old,

skipping rocks

and dreaming of catching