My Home Town: Gerald Swindle

The Where, of We, the where of Gerald Swindle.

I didn’t ask Gerald to take me to any of the places he did, I just told him, “Take me to your home town, show me around,” and he took me where I think you would take me, where I would take you.

To meet my parents.

To see where I played as a child.

To see where I grew up, my school, my first job, each packed with memories and lessons of life.

Every stop I would make would be because that stop would be at the core of what I am today.

Same core values.

Between us.

It is The Where, Of We, and it is what binds us, the locations will change, the photos will change, some places will be nicer than others, some bigger than others, some smaller, but at every stop of “My Home Town,” you will get a glimpse into the soul of the person taking you on the tour.

And along the way, I promise you something magical will happen,

you will see,

that you and me,

them and us,


We The People…

…down deep inside…

…in the eyes we see in the mirror…

…are more alike than we are different.

Because in all of us,

was placed,

the Kind,

in Man.

“…and people let me be just what I want to be.”

Small Town

John Mellencamp