My Home Town: Gerald Swindle

“…I made $22 a day, saved every dime and bought me an old used truck for $800.00…the truck didn’t have any bumpers, didn’t have any color either ‘cept it was painted in all primer, but I bought my first vehicle with the money I made off my first job.”

“My brother, Tony, died from Pancreatic Cancer in 2008.

“This is full circle for me, my brother is buried basically across the street from where my parents live, where we started out today, I’ll probably be buried here as well.  Tony was my fishing partner, he was my biggest fan.  I just loved to fish with my brother.

“He taught me to laugh, we need to laugh, we need to live and laugh every day we are alive.”

“You see those dates under his name, April 3, 1965 – March 14, 2008…what’s important about those date is not the month or the dates, what’s important there is the dash in between, the time between those dates.

“Life is what you do with the dash in between, you live life in that dash.  Tony taught me it’s what’s in between the beginning of your life and the end of your life that’s important.  Enjoy yourself, laugh, love, live life to it’s fullest, but laugh, everyday you don’t laugh is a wasted day.

“Before every tournament Tony would tell me to ‘fish like it’s your last tournament,’ he believed in me.”

“…yeah, I can be myself here in this small town…”