2012 Cabela's B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Eastern Divisional
Mystic/Charles River - Medford, MA, Sep 12 - 14, 2012

Fed Nation Mosaic


Here is what I am presented with…the canvas in front of me…the Cabela's Bassmaster Federation Nation Eastern Division Championship.

And here is how I see it, I want you to see it as I do, so you understand me, so I can better understand you.

Didn’t choose the canvas.

Did choose the brushstrokes.

Of what I will paint,

a Mosaic.

Because life is a mosaic, of all of us in it.

And we are all a mosaic, of each other.

On my canvas.

“…and we're floating across the waves…”

And there he stood, straight, upright, arms to his side, eyes locked forward.

Respectful, of the song…the other country’s song.

The song of “O Canada,” the Canadian national anthem, the song of America, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

This is the canvas in front of me, the wide shot of the Spain Federation Nation President, Haaby standing on stage during the playing of the first two national anthems…but here today…we played three.

The songs of three countries.

We also played, “La Marcha Real,” the national anthem of Spain.

And this is what happened with Haaby.

As his song played, his eyes closed, and silently he mouthed the words.

And slowly, his right hand, rested over his heart.

As did the right hands, of all those around me, when their song played.

When the wind caught the flap of their flag,

and their life unfurled.

And the mosaic under my paintbrush, came to life.

“…sailing for some other shore…”

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I see me in them.

I see you in them.

I see all of us in them.

Them, are us.

At home you see their fish, you hear their name…15 seconds, if that, of fame.

My canvas, backstage in the holding area, a line of guys with bags of fish.


A mystery to many of you who don’t fish…anglers…but, take the angler label off. 

Look at their faces.

They are your neighbors. The dude who fixes your car, teaches your children, sells you stuff, heals you when you are sick, protects you from the bad guys, calms me down on the phone when my computer is nothing but a blue screen.

Look into their eyes.

Look into their smiles.

When I do that, I see what the canvas of this planet is, what it wants to show us.

Not that we are different.

But that we are the same.

In our eyes.

In our smiles.

In the mosaic, you can see all around us.

“…where we can be what we wanna be…”

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