2013 Elite Series Alabama River Charge presented by Star brite
Alabama River - Montgomery, AL, May 9 - 12, 2013

Montgomery Elite Marshals: Pick 3 + 1

I think the kid will be able to pay back the college loans, pretty quick.

“…who are you…”

“I’m just a blue collar guy.”

Me too.

Zachary Sapp and Steve KennedyDon BaroneZachary Sapp and Steve Kennedy
Meet 25-year-old Zachary Sapp, “I blend the materials, rocks, sand, water, fly ash and cement to make concrete.  I also dispatch concrete.”

Three years of college at Tennessee Wesleyan where he was a scholarship athlete in cross country and golf.  Not married. His dad is a youth pastor, mom is a surgical tech, he lives in Augusta, Georgia, “Dude, you golf, do you get to play at Augusta National Golf Club….”


Didn’t think so. Not the kind of place that invites concrete blenders to play the front, or back, nine.

“So dude, why you here?”

“It’s my birthday, I’m giving myself a birthday present.”

Good for you my friend, good for you.

We talk some, it is just me and him left at the round table. He tells me about how to blend stuff into concrete, most of it just goes over my head, it sounds tough, physical, dusty.

It hasn’t aged him, yet. He is 25, looks 18 at best, will probably be carded until he’s 30.

Blue collar, blue collar values. When CW4 Gibson left the table, Zachary looked up at him and said exactly this, “Thank you, sir, for your service.”

So, alone just the two of us, I ask him, “Dude, why did you say that to the Army guy?”

“I always do. Always thank them.”

I look at him and smile, I’m thinking, here it comes, don’t be judging a man by the concrete he mixes…

…and does it come, a strike high and inside thrown right at me.

“It’s about respect, Mr. Barone.  Just think, that man there is putting his life on the line so a kid like me can be free, free to be President or free to mix concrete.  How can you NOT respect that?  Every time I see a service person, they touch my heart, and I have to thank them.”

'”…come on, come on…”

PICK 3 + 1…just 4 of the Elite Marshals of Montgomery.

Derrick Weston rides today with Kurt Dove.

CW4 Darrin Gibson is on board with Dennis Tietje.

Nick Carlyle with Keith Poche, and Zachary Sapp is riding with my friend Steve Kennedy.

I believe that if you take a little part of each of these people, what you come up with…is us.

We are the sum of each other.

We have loved ones, we have dreams, we care about and love where we live…it is the DNA of the crowd.

If there are 100 Marshals there are 100 stories.

If there are a couple of billion of us in the crowd, there are a couple of billion stories waiting to be told,

waiting to be heard.

To the stories yet to be told,

to Mr. & Mrs. Pilgrim and their family,

thank you for letting me do freestylin’ news,

and for telling me, about you,

but most of all, for showing me, how same we all are,

and how easy that is to find out,

if all we do, is ask,


are you…

“…cause I really wanna know.”

“Who Are You”

The Who