2013 Elite Series Alabama River Charge presented by Star brite
Alabama River - Montgomery, AL, May 9 - 12, 2013

Montgomery Elite Marshals: Pick 3 + 1

Still works 55 hours a week. “Then fishing when I can.”

Derrick kept telling me that he wasn’t all that interesting, “just a normal guy,” except for one small problem, I don’t believe there is such a thing as a “normal” human being.

We are the only species where some of us walk on the moon, and some of us panhandle on the street.

No normal, not buying it.

So I ask Derrick this exact question, “Suppose I gave you a million bucks to do your dream…what would you do, what is your dream?”

There was no immediate answer, Derrick thought about his answer for several minutes than said this, “I would start a marina in Florida. I love to fish, my wife loves to fish, it’s something we do together, brings us closer together, I would do that.”

Dude could have picked a Ferrari.

Dude could have rattled off a two-page bucket list.

Dude could have just said, “Give me the cash,” and then made a break for it, and a new life.

But, instead, he picked something that he loves that he could do with the love of his life, his wife, Carolyn.

So then I asked this, “If you opened a saltwater marina, you would need a big boat to go fishing…what would you name the boat.”

Derrick thought for a moment, then looked at me and said, “Cocky after the University of South Carolina Mascot.”

Oh well, can’t be perfect…

“…oh, who are you…”

They came in jeans.

They came in khakis.

They came in fishing pants and shorts.

But one came in something entirely different.

CW4 Darrin Gibson and Dennis TietjeDon BaroneCW4 Darrin Gibson and Dennis Tietje
One came in fatigues.

Army fatigues.

Came, in active duty.

“Sir, my name is Darrin Gibson.”

PICK 3 + 1…and Darrin Gibson is the + 1 I added.

If a man who defends our country stands in line to be a Marshal, I pick them, as I would a cop, a fireman, a first responder, a nurse, a teacher, if I see them standing in line it will always become a PICK 3 +1.

I believe it is the honorable thing to do.

Darrin Gibson, Chief Warrant Officer (CW4) in the Alabama National Guard. Age 45, married 17 years, wife’s name is Hope, born in east Texas, Baytown to be exact. Joined the Marine Corps first, Special Ops/Anti Terrorism Unit, then after getting out of that branch, went back and joined the Army where he achieved Expert Infantry on the first try.

Only a small percentage of Army grunts get the EIB Badge, it is awarded once a year with pass rates only being about 10%.