2013 Elite Series Alabama River Charge presented by Star brite
Alabama River - Montgomery, AL, May 9 - 12, 2013

Montgomery Elite Marshals: Pick 3 + 1

They opened the door, they let us in, they served us a meal, and we became friends…and they made the 6’o’clock news throughout the San Joaquin Valley,

that Thanksgiving night.

To this day, I remember their faces, their kitchen, their table, their talk of family, handshakes, laughter, green peas and mashed potatoes.

They were complete strangers.

And yet, we became family for a few hours that Thanksgiving, 1983, Fresno, California, in the great San Joaquin Valley.

It was journalism on the loose.

It was a random thought.

It was news, freestylin’.

And in the copy I wrote for the story, I ended it exactly like this:

“We are all strangers, until we take a tiny moment in time, to meet, to listen, to care, and when that happens, then we all become family.  Happy Thanksgiving, Don Barone, Channel 30 Action News.”

I believed it back then, I believe it now.


And once again I’m going to try and prove it…this time with random picked Marshals for the Elite event in Montgomery, Ala.

In case you don't know, a Bassmaster Elite Series Marshal is the dude who sits in the boat with the pro angler. His job is to make sure the angler follows the rules. But the in process he gets to spend a full day watching one of the best anglers in the world, fish. For nine hours.

It’s a PICK-3…but this time I add one more…

…PICK 4 at the Alabama River Charge presented by Star brite.

“…well, who are you…”

America, she came a knockin’ today at the door of B.A.S.S.

Normally, we ring the doorbell of those amber grains and shining seas.

But today, US of A, came to us.

Men and women, young and old and a bunch in the middle, they came from Alabama, they came from Georgia, they came from other states, they brought with them in their speech a tinge of North, a tinge of South, they came in all the shades of mankind.

Humans exchanging smiles, stories, handshakes – all brought together by a fish.

I’m betting, only on Earth is it possible that one species can bring another species together.

Random picks, journalism on the loose,


Kurt Dove and Derrick WestonDon BaroneKurt Dove and Derrick Weston
Meet commercial real estate broker and somewhat (possibly over the top) University of South Carolina Gamecock fan Derrick Weston.

Age 40, married to Carolyn since 2006, from Woodstock, Georgia, self-made, no college (born in Columbus, S.C., hence the Gamecock fandemonium), no kids, Dad was a school teacher, Mom worked for the federal government, likes country music, “Darius Rucker…”

“I made it through the real estate market collapse; I worked harder, did with less.”

Sounds familiar.