Let Go Into...

...until he gave it to me.Don Barone...until he gave it to me.
At the end of my interview with the two Dave’s…Dave Campbell…of the Bronze Star…stood up and said this to me:  “I would like to give you this.”

And then he reached up and took off his hat…a hat embroidered with this …an American flag and on the back, “Mountain 8th Army Strong.”

“This…this is for you sir…for what you do, what you write.”

We cast lightning, within each other.

I will never wear the hat, I have not earned that honor, to put that on my head would be to insult the heroes of the 10th Mountain Division.

But I did have both Dave’s sign it and it will proudly go into the case that holds the souvenirs of my sporting life.

While this tournament is sponsored by the makers of trucks, it is not about the trucks, but the people within those trucks.

The plumbers.

The bakers.

The landscapers.

The cops.

The firemen.

And two guys named Dave.

One a West Point graduate.

One a Bronze Star recipient.

80 some teams, 160 or so anglers.

America, brought to you by the lightning that lives within all of us.

Into each other,

let go into…the mystery.

“…you get everything you need.”

The Mystery

Van Morrison




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