Let Go Into...

“…and when you open up your heart…”

Dave/squared belong to the North Country Bass Club and fish tournaments on Oneida Lake, Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.

700-hundred some miles…14 hours:  “You guys glad you did all that to be here.”


Both are shaking their heads yes.

They will fish today, and hopefully get to weigh-in early, because at 9:30am tomorrow morning they have to be back up at Ft. Drum and briefing the base General once again.

“If we make it by oh-six-hundred we’ll be okay, we have people up there helping us this weekend.  We can do it, it will be close but we will there and do our duty.”

Both are shaking their head yes.

It is the lightning we cast, that guides our way.

Let go into, the mystery of each other.

Between sky, and water, stand we.  You and I, I and the rest of the world.

80 some teams, 160 or so anglers, from all over the place.

Look at their faces, then look in the mirror.

Look into their eyes, where the lightning begins.

I came here, to give some love to a B.A.S.S. sponsor, to do a story, about strangers.  Didn’t know any of these dudes fishing.

80 some teams, 160 or so anglers.

160 or so, mirrors.

Let go into…America.

North, South, East, West.

White, Black and all the shades in between.

Men, and Women.

Let go into…our hearts.