Let Go Into...

Buy the truck, join the Bonus Bucks program, get an invite.

Full journalistic disclosure…I have owned a bunch of Toyota’s in my life, got four of them right now coming out of my bank account, what with two kids and the wife, and my 4Runner…but I didn’t get on a cramped, late plane and come here for Toyota.

Nor did B.A.S.S. tell or make me come here.

I came here because in a blah, blah, blah talk with some sort of Toyota PR guy I heard two words that, to me, are magic.

Working Stiffs.

Trust me, if you are some sort of Kardashian thing, good for you, but I’m not traveling in any late, crowded plane to talk to you.

God bless you, but leave me alone.

But if you are a plumber.

But if you are a sales dude.

Work with your hands, work on your feet, punch in, punch out, need the overtime to make the payments…I’ll be there.

To shake your hand, to say thank you, and to tell your story, which is the untold story of America.

The America who drives 14 hours…straight…to be here.  The America that leaves in the snowflakes of Ft. Drum in upstate New York, the America who gets here for the tourney at 2am the next day, sleeps 4 hours and then rolls out to practice on the water of Lake Norman.

That America, who wears the flag, and not the bling.

That America that has spent a lifetime protecting the US of A, and who by the way MAKE POSSIBLE THE BLING.

It is an honor to tell your story Sir.

It is an honor to tell your story Ma’am.

It is an honor to tell the story of Lieutenant Colonel (ret) David Converse, here fishing.

It is an honor to tell the story of 1st Sergeant (ret) Dave Campbell, here fishing.

Because David is a 1989 graduate of West Point.

Because Dave has been awarded the Bronze Star.

Let go into,

their story.