Let Go Into...

And on a far peninsula on Lake Norman stood a shadow.

The shadow of a child.  Silhouetted against the end of the day.  And as I watched through the long lens of my camera, the shadow raised both arms over his head, and let loose the lightning.

And the fishing line lit up as it was cradled in the last rays of the Saturday sun.

It is that lightning in their hands, that bring them here.

It is that mystery in those few seconds between sky and water, that bring anglers to the sea.

In life, it is the mystery, we chase.

Full throttle life, is to hold lightning in your hand.

Between sky.

Between water.

Is us.

Our place.

It is up to you, what you do with it.

Chase the wind.

Chase the water.

Cast lightning.

Let go into,

the mystery.


“…and be joyous and give thanks

and let yourself go…”


80 some teams.

Maybe 160 anglers, could be a couple more, could be a couple less, I’m not much up on my tournament math.

It’s a thank you shindig.

Toyota saying thanks to those anglers out there who bought the Toyota trucks and other vehicles that can tow their boats.