Lessons learned from 2012, Part 2

I caught some good fish in the event and had a shot to win. I ended up weighing over 20 pounds during two days of the event. Overall I had a good time, caught some decent weights but didn’t have enough to win. It's hard to win any event and definitely tough to beat 100 of the best anglers. 

Oneida Lake

The final event of the season was Oneida Lake. It fished really well for me, and I found some good schools of fish. I found some shallow fish during practice, but I focused my attention on the deeper schools that I had found. Deeper fish are generally more dependable this time of year. I caught them pretty decent the first two days. The wind picked up on the third day, and I had to change up. I ended up not catching a limit, but it was tougher. A lot of the best schools had people established on them. It's hard to move around on the third day of a tournament. By then, most of the areas already have anglers on them. It stinks to not weigh a limit on the final day of the season, but I was able to move up to the Top 10 in the AOY points race, and that feels pretty good after the bad start to my season.

All-Star Week

Next week I'll tell you all about All-Star Week and what happened in Illinois. Thank you all so much for the votes that allowed me to compete. I hope my performance validated your support and confidence. It was a great event.