2013 Elite Series Plano Championship Chase Lake St. Clair/Detroit River - Detroit, MI, Aug 22 - 25, 2013

Kevin Ledoux: working stiff

I first met Kevin Ledoux on my Tundra hands-free speakerphone thing.

“Hey, db, do you need help at your Tackle The Storm function in Moore, Okla.?…I’ll come up and volunteer and help you out.”

Up until that moment, I had never said a word to Kevin; he was new to this Elite biz and the last thing the new ones need is me bugging them.

So I don’t know this guy, but Kevin and his wife, Cara, show up early that morning and are a huge help working with the kids, even stay to help clean up the place.

It’s there where I get to know Kevin; now it’s your turn.

Meet Kevin Ledoux:

Age 34, been married to Cara for 6 years (he had to call her to “make sure I don’t screw that up”), lives in Choctaw, Okla., but is originally from Konawa (pop about 1,400 folks). “It didn’t even have a stoplight, just one grocery store and three gas stations; one is closed now.”

Dad is a welder; mom a nurse. Two brothers, older, one a welder, one a Wal-Mart store manager. Cara “runs a high-class pizza joint.”

Kevin is an electrician, works for a contractor at an Exxon/Mobile Chemical Plant, “My boss has been great; as long as we okay it, he lets me take off to fish these tournaments, but I don’t get to practice none.”

Kevin can only get just so much time off so he never gets to pre-fish a lake, “When I show up for a tournament, many times that’s the first time I see the lake.”

After the tourney, “As soon as it ends, I get in the truck and head home; I call my boss to find out what job is next.”

“…behind the scene…”

“A time back I was doing 7/12s.”

“What’s that.”

“Seven days a week, 12 hours a day; I did that for two and half months.”

Kevin told me about how recently they had to shut down some kind of line, “2,000-amp line that was 150-200 yards long, had to replace the whole thing.”

I didn’t do well with a lot less amps in Shop.

“db, you need a strong work ethic to keep a full time job and still be able to come out here and do this. As soon as I finish this tournament, I’m heading home to start the job.”

“db, work ethic is everything; people my age, many of them don’t get that. How many of them are on welfare getting a hand out. We need more of us to be like your generation; it’s your work that provides those handouts.”

First time I have ever been referred to as “your generation,” kind of a shock, but Kevin, I have to tell you, my generation is just standing on the backs of our fathers and mothers.

Average Joes who came back from WWII set to work building this country for us.

Who stood on the backs of their fathers and mothers.

Don’t let anyone kid you… America is a generational work in progress.

Except for them places with no Shop Classes.

“…below the grade…”