2013 Bass Pro Shops Northern Open #1 James River - Richmond, VA, Jun 13 - 15, 2013

James River’s 600-pound gorilla

Following Beattie’s advice, Johnson cut the point off a large fish hook, straightened it and used it to clean out the grass that was plugging the outboard’s pee hole. We lost only 20 minutes of fishing time.

A cold front made for a tougher frog bite on Friday. Only one bass assaulted my frog, a 2-pounder. It came off when it jumped.

I’ve come to believe that part of the issue with me losing bass was the frog itself. While fishing with this particular hollow bait, the points of the hooks frequently impaled the lure’s back. I had to check the frog often to keep the hooks exposed.

I now suspect that the hooks were sticking into the bait when I set the hook. If you have experienced this problem, please let me know how to overcome it with your comments.

I switched to docks and cypress trees earlier than on the previous day, but not soon enough. I caught two bass on a Strike King Pure Poison chattering jig dressed with a Strike King Rage Craw, and two bass on a Texas rigged Rage Craw.

My daughter Valerie drove over from Ohio to spend time with me during the tournament. It’s always great to have her rooting me on at the Opens.

I told her that I had to do my penance at the James River so that when I win one of the other Northern Open tournaments at Oneida or Lake Erie, I will be eligible to fish the Classic.

Oneida, here I come.