2013 Elite Series Evan Williams Bourbon Showdown at St. Lawrence River
St. Lawrence River - Waddington, NY, Aug 8 - 11, 2013

Hey, Waddington, N.Y. …

Hey Waddington,

I leave you with this.

This week Paul Elias, Shaw Grigsby and I stayed in the home of Brett & Shirley, a  young Waddington couple, Brett a lineman, Shirley an engineer, they of their late 20s/early 30s.

They lived elsewhere, but came back to you to live.

This coming Sat., August 17, they will be married in a church in your town but right now, in their newly painted kitchen, they wrote this up on the wall:

“Family…is where our story begins.”

It is where all of our stories begin, with family.

Hey Waddington,

I will miss you but I look forward to your future, which I know will one day be bright.

I know because you are a town of families, past and present, and that is where your story will begin,

with you families,


“That’s our child out there…”

whose name is,

The St. Lawrence River.

“…me home.”

“Celebrate Me Home”

Kenny Loggins

Talk to you next week from the Elite event in Detroit,