2013 Elite Series Evan Williams Bourbon Showdown at St. Lawrence River
St. Lawrence River - Waddington, NY, Aug 8 - 11, 2013

Hey, Waddington, N.Y. …

Hey Waddington, the past is your,


On your Main Street that ends in the blue waters of the St. Lawrence, I met a couple covered in dust.

Block by stone block, they are fixing the childhood home of Vicki McDonald. “We are trying to restore it to its original state,” her husband Steve tells me as he leans out a window.

Vicki:  “I was a little kid in this house; I’ve found in the walls my old jacks, playing cards, some of the stuff from my dolls…”

Vicki is sitting on the scaffolding outside her house, as she tells me what she has found I can tell for a moment she also has found Vicki of the past…

“…we lived all over the country, ALL OVER, but when we had a child, Jimmy, we came back home.”

As I’m about to leave, Vicki tells me of her son, normal proud of son stuff, but then she says, “Our son told me once that he was thankful for us moving back here, that he couldn’t have been brought up in a better place.”

Hey Waddington,


“…whenever I find myself too all alone…”

Hey, Waddington,

thanks for the thousands who came,

but it is just a few who I will remember.

Darin Greene, an artist, a village trustee, a retired fire chief, and a couple other titles that I forgot.

Darin was cool, not your normal politico, not the kind the PR types steer you to; he agreed with me that the future was floating all around them and wouldn’t be leaving for China.

Darin, trust in the village and trust in the water…bring a bait shop to town…bring fishing guides to town…build a world class fishing lodge for anglers to stay in. Trust the water; it will not fail you.

John Dinneen, a school teacher, an English teacher who if I had a dude like him teaching English when I was back in school I might not have failed English 10 three times.

I know when he reads this story he will realize that I’m still failing English 10, which I told him I plan to do for the rest of my career.

Mr. Dinneen…as the song says, “Teach Your Children Well.”

Teach, teach them to be the best and stay to make Waddington the best. I met a ton of the kids in the area; they are the future of Waddington. The river is theirs… teach them to care for it, love it, and champion it.