2014 A.R.E. Truck Caps Bassmaster Elite at Table Rock Lake
Table Rock Lake - Branson, MO, Apr 3 - 6, 2014

Happy, ever after

I hope that in your life there is,


Please, have joy in your life.

Seize Joy.

Embrace Joy.

If we working stiffs are going to win, we will do so with love, we will do so with joy.

We will do so as a family.




That’s what We The People means.

You and me, just working Joes, six-pack and salami, steak and mashed potatoes, be it grits or donuts, we are all, David White, we are all Crystal Morehead,

all looking to get by,

all looking to do good things,

all looking to help others,

all looking for love,

for joy.

And at Table Rock at this tournament, all that happened.

To Crystal, welcome to our family,

may you find love,

may you find joy,

may it be for you,

Happy, Ever After.

“…this is my wish.”

“My Wish”

Rascal Flatts

See you in a couple weeks,