2012 Bass Pro Shops Northern Open #3 Cayuga Lake - Seneca Falls, NY, Aug 16 - 18, 2012

The dots between the letters

Meet Mr. Robert Lett.

In fact, I’m meeting him as you do.

I know nothing about him, NOTHING.

But he is you.

And I believe we, you, all have stories…if we just take the time to ask.

“I’m from Allentown, Pennsylvania,” he tells me and I smile and look skyward, the universe has once again hit me with the “yikes” stick.

Twenty four years ago, my son, Jimmy, was born in Allentown, PA.

Random pick…and I find we have a connection.

Robert is 49 years old, works for WOLF, a wholesale Building Material Distributer where he is a Vice President.

Been on that job for 30 years, pretty much right after he graduated from Allentown Central Catholic High School, “No college, no just the school of hard knocks, worked my butt off to move up the chain.  Just hard work.”

For the first couple years out of high school he worked summers as a carpenter, winters as a ski instructor.

Sound familiar.

Robert, since he’s been in the same working digs for three decades has accrued about 5 weeks of vacation a year, “I try to use three of the weeks to fish competitively, Opens and things.”

“What do you do the other two weeks.”

“Fish…with my family.”

Robert has two sons…age 28 and 23, “…been fishing with my boys since about the time they started walking.  Back when I was young my dad took me, to our family to a lake up in Canada fishing when he had time off…it’s the same lake I take my boys and family to today.”

I want you to meet Robert so I’m going to get out of the way here for a bit.

“I take my family fishing because it is something we can do together.  My oldest is getting married soon (Robert stumbles a little here, catches himself but swallows hard) my wife, she’s happy for him, me too, but it is tough on her, her oldest moving away (another swallow) is tough.”

“You are doing for your family what your father did for you.”

Robert says nothing, just shakes his head a slow yes.

“Does your wife like to fish.”

A slow head shake yes, “We’ve been married 29 years now, Lori and I were high school sweethearts….db…she is the catch of my life.”