2012 Cabela's B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Championship
Wheeler Lake - Decatur, AL, Oct 25 - 27, 2012

Days of Wow

Tim DycusDon BaroneTim Dycus

“…and we must enjoy as we can…”

The man couldn’t answer my question at first.  This is what I asked:  “So dude, what’s it like to be here?”

Here he is, three tournament days away from making the Bassmaster Classic.

He just sat there, sat on the deck of the Skeeter boat, sat there holding a Skeet Reese yellow fishing rod in his hand.

He looked at me when I asked the question, but in answering it he could only look down at the carpet of the deck.

And then he answered, and his answer began with a pause, and this is what he said, exactly, “Um.”


I could have walked away at that moment…because frankly, the “Um…” said into the carpet said it all for me.

Days of Wow.

“Um…I have been fishing since I was 10 years old…40 years now…I have watched every Bassmaster Classic and dreamed of fishing in it…and now…now…”

Tim Dycus, once of Mayflower, Ark., now of Carlisle, Ark. …fishing his first Fed Nation Championship could not even say that now he had a chance to actually fish in the Classic if he did well here in the next three days.

Couldn’t say it…it meant that much to him.

A working stiff all his life…now a Materials Manager, whatever that is, but all those times he has held the imaginary Bassmaster Classic trophy above his head, held the iron up high, to be three days away from the Classic stage was held in so much reverence, he couldn’t even say it.

And let me tell you something dudes, just being here has changed this guy’s life.  How…that he could speak about with ease.  “I started running 4 miles a weekend, started a boot camp workout twice a week…the better conditioned I am, the better angler I will be.”

But it was his wife, Karen, that brought that quote home:

“Yeah and he has lost 25 pounds…changed his life.”

Days of Wow.