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G-Man Brings G-Force

If you've ever had a trolling motor cord snap, then you'll like the G-Force replacement handle kit by T-H Marine. Conceived by Elite Series pro Gerald "G-Man" Swindle, this new product is considered a necessity among the pros.

G-Force Trolling Motor HandleCourtesy of T-H MarineG-Force Trolling Motor Handle

Instead of the usual nylon cord, Swindle's invention utilizes rubber-coated steel cable. There's zero stretch. Plus, the handle is sturdy and comfortable to grip.

Installation takes about 20 minutes and, believe me, it's well worth the time and cost. You'll never have to replace it. And because of its non-stretchy nature, the bracket will release instantly and easily — no more repeated jerking or tugging. Simply pull and the bracket responds.

To learn more about the G-Force Replacement Handle Kit and other T-H Marine products, visit their website.

Anchors Away

Shallow water anchoring devices have almost become standard issue on today's tournament boats. Nearly every angler on tour has at least one, and two are quite common.

The innovator of the shallow water anchoring system is JL Marine, makers of the Power-Pole. And each year they up the ante with something new and creative to enhance their product line.

Power-Pole Remote Control KitCourtesy of JL Marine Systems, Inc.Power-Pole Remote Control Kit

One such item is their remote control key fob. Worn around your neck or from a belt, this little remote control is super handy. Designed initially for saltwater anglers who pole their skiffs (a hands-on endeavor that requires balance and concentration on a raised platform), it works equally well for bass fishermen, too.

I wear mine around my neck, simply because that's how I learned in saltwater. Anytime I see a potential shallow-water target or obstruction, I grab the remote and it's "anchors away." It's so handy it's helped me countless times in tournaments.

And for you smart phone types, JL Marine has a new app for controlling and updating the software on their newer Power-Pole systems. To learn more about these and other JL Marine products, visit their website.

Oh, and if you're in the market for a shallow water anchor, check out this YouTube video they released. If you have any doubts about the Power-Pole's durability, this video will put them to rest right quick!

Locked and Loaded

If you trailer a boat, then you need a transom-saving bracket of some kind. The question is, "Which one?"

For years, I used the old long-stem style bracket that braces the engine's lower unit against the trailer. But after having a few of them break loose on bumpy roads, I started doing some research. That's when I discovered the MotorMate.

MotormateCourtesy of MotormateMotormate

Compact, strong and simple to install, this product is a no-brainer. Instead of relying on the trailer for support, the MotorMate secures the engine directly to its own mounting bracket. That way there's no chance of it breaking loose or getting pounded should the boat separate from the trailer (like on a bumpy road). It also prevents the engine from torqueing to one side.

Made of non-corrosive metals and heavy duty springs and bushings, this transom saver will easily outlast the manufacturer's 3-year warranty. It's basically bullet-proof. And for under $100, it's one of the best investments you can make in the care and protection of your high-dollar vessel.

There are several sizes to accommodate most major outboard brands, including most big block engines and even some earlier models. To find the right fit for your boat, go to their website.

Pound Them Out

Rapala has added a new digital scale to its line of angling accessories. This time it's the Compact Touch Screen 50lb. Scale.

What's different besides the smaller size is the way it calculates weight. It can display weight in pounds and ounces, decimal pounds or kilograms. And it does it accurately.

Rapala Compact Touch Screen 50lb. ScaleCourtesy of RapalaRapala Compact Touch Screen 50lb. Scale

Once the weight of an individual fish is recorded, that information is then stored in a "bin." As you weigh more fish, the scale creates additional storage bins, which make referencing and culling much simpler. When you're not weighing fish, the digital display shows the cumulative weight of your catch in large, easy-to-read numerals.

The Compact Touch Screen Scale is also back lit for easy viewing under low light conditions. But what I like best is its diminutive size. This scale fits in a pocket or the palm of your hand, making it convenient to use.

So how does this help you catch more fish? The answer is simple. Less time weighing means more time fishing!

For additional information on this and other Rapala angling tools, visit their website.