Blue collar jersey: Jared Lintner

We, the media, have somehow lost track of Lou.

To me, the greatest American story is that of the working stiff.  No offense but do we really need another “Shark Week”…what about a week of Lou.

The American story has to be about substance, not flash, who cares if you say yes to the dress, what you have to say is yes to your family.

Let me ask you this, what do you know about the person who empties your wastebasket at work…do you even know their name.

You should.  Their story is just as important as the latest Hollywood brat’s arrest.

What about the guy who changes the oil in your car or the voice you can’t understand coming from the drive-through speaker.

Are we missing the greatest, if not most relevant, stories in our lives because they don’t come wrapped in Gucci.

We are not a country of Kings and Queens. We are a country of working stiffs, built not by suits but by sweat.

If you don’t have dirt under your fingernails, you need to roll up your sleeves and get involved.

Waddington, N.Y. … I have spent the last couple of days shaking your hand, and it is the hand of my father, it is the hand of Lou, it is the proud hand of the folks who gave, so we could get.

At launch this morning, the fine folks of Waddington came out, came out at 5:30 a.m. on a Thursday morning to stand on the banks and watch the Elite anglers take off on the first day of the tournament.

I stood with the folks of Waddington, heard them talking about coming to the launch before work…work as a cashier, an insurance guy, an auto mechanic, an engineer and a guy who strings the line that brings the power to your home.

This won’t make the news, no flash, just substance, but I was humbled by the folks of Waddington who showed as much respect for the Canadian national anthem being sung as they did our own ode to America.

Crowd diplomacy sung on key.

Hey Waddington, when you have no control over the grander scheme of things yet you continue to make ends meet, you continue to raise children with values of faith, family and flag…you folks,

too, are

American Heroes.

And I want you to meet another one, just like you…in fact, this morning, he took off right from your dock, his name is Jared Lintner, and in real life he is,

an Elite Angler and,

a milkman.

“…but he gets what they need…”