2012 Elite Series Ramada Championship Oneida Lake - Syracuse, NY, Aug 23 - 26, 2012


And without asking Bobbi, or Brent, I know they believe in you as well, because they know you, they were you.

They are you.

Talent got you here.

Believing in yourself will keep you here.


"…a childhood imagination
has been my salvation
one cloud at a time
lord I’m dreaming…"


I believe in magic.

Not of the sleight of hand,

but the stout of the heart.

A couple nights ago I took a trash bag over to the campground dumpster, then walked down to the boat ramp.

It was Wednesday night, the day before the tournament began on Oneida Lake.

A clear night, I stood on the grass and stuck my head straight back and looked at the stars.

I wondered if the stars, the heavens, were looking back.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw tiny movement, and when I looked back to earth it was the silhouette that I saw first.

A man, and his dog.

Watching not the sky, but the sea in front of them.

"Hey db…"

"Hey Brent."

"Beautiful night isn't it db."

"It is dude."

And Brent looked to the water, and I looked to the sky.

"Brent dude, been one hell of a 14 months huh."

"You bet db, you bet."

Brent didn't turn to face me, he just held his rescue dog Penny, and looked out over the lake that could bring him the AOY title…or not.

"You ever think 14 months ago that today you would be here."

"I've always believed I would be here."

"Bobbi told me the same thing, said she always believed that someday you would win this thing, win the Classic."

Brent said nothing for a moment.

I never took my eyes off the sky.

"Faith db…faith in family…yourself…in God…you have to believe."

Believe Howells.

Believe those making the long silent drive home.

It is possible.

To make it.

When you believe in yourself.

And your family.

And the faith in your soul.


That it is not the footprints you leave, but the path you take.


That it is not what you take from the sport, but what it is you leave behind for all those that will follow your path.


In the truth of  the buttercup flowers under your chin.

In a red nose and white beard.

And in who looks back at you from inside the mirror.

Walk in the sand with your head in the stars.


As the Chapmans did.

In imagination.


In dreams.

For the stage awaits you,

believe it.


"…I believe in everything, in everything I’m a believer."

I Believe (in everything)

JJGrey & Mofro


See you in 2013,