2012 Elite Series - All-Star Semi-final Lake Shelbyville - Decatur, IL, Sep 20 - 21, 2012

The 13th All-Star

That Kevin Oldham, in the final months of his life, was a beacon in many of our lives.

That Kevin Oldham was chosen to be an All-Star, on the stage that is life, that is faith.

The stage we all cross, the stage though that fades over time as we live our day to day lives.

The stage that is given to us as a gift.

Life’s stage.

Folks…alive, is a gift.

No one gets out of here alive, so it is what we are given between the beginning, and the end, where lies the gift.

“Embrace life, man, embrace life.”

In all the shouting I have been around from society, in all the lyrics blasted into my brain…it was a quiet whisper that entered my soul.

“Embrace life, man, embrace life.”

And last night, after weigh-in, as we sat on a restaurant deck overlooking Decatur Lake, Edwin Evers locked onto my eyes and told me basically the same thing.

Told me about this weird thing that happened to him.

Told me how this weird thing had changed his life.


Edwin Evers at 2012 Toyota Trucks All-Star week...

Told me of a young man he met…an 18-year-old named Derek Keniston.

And as Edwin told me the story of Derek, I knew,

knew he had met his beacon,

knew the whispers had entered his soul,

knew that somehow, as we sat overlooking the lake, we were not alone,

knew that the 13th All-Star had just crossed the stage

of life.

Edwin Evers’ life.

“…how could you leave me all

alone on this Earth…”

It was there all year but I never saw it.

Until it stopped dead in front of me.