Bassmaster Top 25 Largemouth Bass

The list below is a work in progress. The catches on the lists are accurate and authentic as far as we have been able to determine. We are aware, however, that other legitimate catches have been made that deserve to be on this list. For that, we want and need your help. If you are aware of a catch that warrants consideration, please submit it to or mail your entry to Ken Duke, Senior Editor, B.A.S.S. Publications, 1170 Celebration Boulevard, Celebration, FL 34747.

Be aware that we'll want something more than a claimed weight and a fuzzy photo. Entries should include the exact weight of the bass, the name of the angler and contact information, date of the catch, location of the catch, names and contact information for any witnesses to the catch and weighing of the fish and one or more photos of the catch and angler. B.A.S.S. will give serious consideration to any applicant.

The Top 25 Largemouth Bass of All Time

1a 22.3106 Kurita, Manabu Biwa, Lake Japan 2-Jul-2009
1b 22.2500 Perry, George W. Montgomery Lake Georgia 2-Jun-1932
3 22.0100 Crupi, Robert J. Castaic, Lake California 12-Mar-1991
4 21.7500 Arujo, Michael Castaic, Lake California 5-Mar-1991
5 21.6875 Dickerson, Jed Dixon, Lake California 31-May-2003
6 21.2000 Easley, Raymond D. Casitas, Lake California 4-Mar-1980
7 21.0100 Crupi, Robert J. Castaic, Lake California 9-Mar-1990
8 20.9375 Zimmerlee, Dave Miramar, Lake California 23-Jun-1973
9 20.8600 Torres, Leo Castaic, Lake California 4-Feb-1990
10 20.7500 Long, Mike Dixon, Lake California 27-Apr-2001
11 20.2500 Dupras, Gene Hodges, Lake California 30-May-1985
12 20.1250 Friebel, Fritz Big Fish Lake Florida 19-May-1923
13 19.7000 Coniglio, George Mission Viejo, Lake California 21-Mar-2006
14 19.5000 Balloid, Mark Castaic, Lake California 28-May-1990
14 19.5000 Crabtree, Randy Casitas, Lake California 9-Apr-2002
14 19.5000 Gunsauls, Keith Miramar, Lake California 29-Feb-1988
17 19.4375 Weakley, Mac Dixon, Lake California 20-May-2003
18 19.2500 Brant, Chris Miramar, Lake California 22-Mar-1998
19 19.1875 Beasley, Steve Wohlford, Lake California 3-Feb-1986
19 19.1875 Hanline, Arden Charles Morena, Lake California 17-Feb-1987
21 19.1500 Shimada, Kazuya Ikehara, Lake Japan 22-Apr-2003
22 19.0625 DeFresco, Sandra W. Miramar, Lake California 14-Mar-1988
23 19.0400 Kadota, Dan T. Castaic, Lake California 8-Jan-1989
24 19.0313 Kerns, Larry Success, Lake California 27-Jan-2001
25 19.0000 Witt, Riley Tarpon, Lake Florida 26-Jun-1961