Bass Fishing for Beginners: The Bass


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Catch just one bass

If I was trying to teach you how to go about catching a limit of bass, and maybe a couple of big ones, I’d be going about these video steps completely different.

We’d be talking about a couple of rods, with different actions, maybe even a bait casting reel. There would be definitely more than 3 or 4 lures involved, maybe 20 and their colors might become a factor. I’m not doing all of that though because I want it to be simple, and for you to just catch one bass. The sport of golf can be simple, unless you want to get really good. Then it becomes quite complicated and you have to work your fanny off to progress. Now take the word “Golf” out of that last thought, and insert “fish” instead. Yes they are about the same, but not really.

You get your golf equipment together, and go to the course for your first 9 holes, ever. Your shots on hole #1 probably stink, but you manage to get to the green and finally you are 2 feet away from ending this first hole. You line it up, take a nice stroke and it drops in the cup.

Now this is just my opinion, but that ball going in the hole doesn’t change your life. At that point you’re not on fire to get better, you’re not dying to figure out why that ball went in the cup. No you just pick up the golf ball and go to hole #2.

Now let’s turn that story into fishing.

You’ve got your equipment together and headed to the lake for your first trip, ever. You are standing on the bank, doing just a so-so job with your casting, and finally get around to reaching that brush sticking out of the water. A bass strikes your crank bait, comes to the surface as you reel him in, swirls, then gets off.

You just stand there, stunned. You had just made contact with a living creature. You felt him strike your lure and now you want to learn everything about what just happened. Yes you want to get better.

The first golf ball going in the hole probably didn’t have a big effect on you, but that first contact with a bass changed your life.

You will never be the same.

That’s why I just want you to work on catching one bass. If that happens, you’ll take off on your own and the world has one more bass fisherman.


Jerry McKinnis