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Kentucky Lake: Grand Jewel

Jul 1, 2008

This giant body of water offers bass anglers every type of fishing imaginable

Mark Davis: Fishing Run-Ins

Mar 31, 2008

April showers bring more than May flowers. They also jump-start some of the best bass fishing of the year, says former Bassmaster Classic Champion Mark Davis of Mt. Ida, Ark. When sudden rainfall washes into the backs of pockets and tributary creeks, the fishing can turn on quickly, and for a few hours or days thereafter, this will be the best bassin' opportunity on the lake.

The float-n-fly technique

Mar 4, 2008

In this article, you can read how the Float-N-Fly technique has been carefully refined through years of testing, resulting in an excellent presentation devised for catching cold water bass.

For The Birds

Jan 16, 2008

November and December are terrible months to be a shad on Kentucky Lake," notes Scott Loxley, a veterinarian and lifelong bass angler from Clarksville, Tenn.

Brauer: Deep Docks for Summer

Jan 16, 2008

In July, when he launches onto a lake that is lined by deep boat docks, pro angler Chad Brauer's anxiety level rises like a thermometer in a midsummer heat wave.

Deep Structure For Postspawners

Jan 16, 2008

Bass Patterns: Deep Structure For Postspawners

River Jetties for Early Fall

Jan 16, 2008

The Arkansas River Navigation Project includes hundreds of miles of jetties and riprap banks.

Fishing the float-n-fly

Nov 7, 2007

In truth, the Float-N-Fly technique is intricate to a high degree and carefully refined through years of testing. The result is a presentation that just may be the best ever devised for catching cold water bass.

Bass Patterns: Chad Brauer deep docks for summer

Jul 23, 2007

"Now this pattern may not always be that good, but it's very consistent. In summer, flipping and pitching around deep docks is by far my favorite technique."