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Jun 20, 2012

Get a sneak preview of the newly redesigned Bassmaster Magazine.

Crankbait niches for postspawn bass

Apr 12, 2012

This is payback time. It's when you can get even for all those tough, slow-bite days during other times of the year.

Elite gypsies: Life is a highway

Jan 29, 2012

To the casual onlooker, Elite Series pros have a dream job. However, there’s more to fishing for a living than meets the eye.

Offshore Bass

Aug 18, 2010

Tips on targeting Bass offshore during those summertime months

Rebound bass

Jan 6, 2010

Mike McClelland explains how to catch rebound fish in the winter.

Pete Ponds' no-fail fall strategy

Nov 11, 2009

Fishing for fall bass can be confusing. These fish migrate back into creeks this time of year, following schools of shad and feeding ravenously to build energy reserves for winter. But as the baitfish roam around, the bass do likewise, and finding and staying in the action can be mystifying for some anglers.

Suspended Bass

Aug 18, 2009

Tips on finding and catching suspended bass in the summertime.

Burning Buzzbaits

May 27, 2009

BASS Elite angler Bernie Schultz tells us how to 'burn the buzzbait' effectively.

Buzzbaits In The Shallows

Mar 18, 2009

Klein says some fish invariably "go against the book," and when they do, they present open-minded anglers with special opportunities to catch them.

Shallow Bass

Jan 6, 2009

BASS pro Tim Horton guides us to the best winter fishing locations and how to catch them.