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The shadow knows

Feb 1, 2008

When I take people out night fishing in the summertime, they're usually surprised to see that I fish the shade — even after the sun goes down.

It's all about the bait

Jan 31, 2008

Here in the dead of winter you have to really be on your game to have a great smallmouth trip. In the spring, almost anyone can catch them. They're hungry and aggressive and more vulnerable than any other time of the year. In the fall,

Rods and reels for smallmouth

Jan 22, 2008

You can't buy much of anything anymore that isn't specially geared to a very particular purpose. It used to be that you went to the tackle store and looked at the fishing rods. Now you look at the bass rods or the muskie rods or the crappie rods.

5 Simple Questions

Jan 21, 2008

Since I started doing this column for, I've been getting a lot of e-mails asking some very interesting questions. Some of the questions are so thought provoking that I've turned them into columns.

Cutting Your Teeth on Blade Baits

Jan 14, 2008

If ever there were a lure that seems to be associated with smallmouth bass — but not so much the other black bass — it would have to be the blade bait.

New Year's Resolutions

Jan 1, 2008

One of my favorite resolutions is to go out and fish four smallmouth waters that I've never fished before.