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Mark Tucker: Early Fall Jerkbaits

Nov 3, 2010

During the fall, Tucker often relies on jerkbaits. Suspended bass in open water are typically some of the toughest fish to target. Tucker describes some techniques using jerkbait to lure them in.

Mark Tucker: The finesse jig

Nov 3, 2010

For Elite Series pro Mark Tucker, the finesse jig is a lure with year-round applications. On clear water lakes Tucker can often be found tempting suspended bass with the bite-sized morsel.

Mark Tucker: The floating worm

Nov 3, 2010

Elite Series pro Mark Tucker points out that there are other options while fishing around and during the spawn. The Missouri pro often rigs his floating worm wacky style. Using a wacky rig, he can slowly twitch and shake the worm to entice strikes.

Mark Tyler: Getting shady

Nov 3, 2010

For tournament anglers, calling it quits early when the temperature climbs toward the triple digits isn't an option. Elite Series pro Mark Tyler explains how to fish the various forms of shade that can be present.

Marty Stone: Open water cranking

Nov 3, 2010

Elite Series pro Marty Stone points out that there are times when fishing a crankbait in open water can be really productive. In clear water, a fast retrieve also has the capability to draw bass from great distances and your chances of hooking up are better says Stone.

Marty Stone: The benefits of tungsten for all anglers

Nov 3, 2010

Elite Angler Marty Stone explains that tungsten allows him to feel more bites whether he's flipping or dragging a Carolina rig in 30 feet of water. Because tungsten is harder than lead, it translates bottom composition and structure and helps you to understand what's going on down there.

Matt Sphar: Dragging a tube

Nov 3, 2010

Elite Series pro and New York native Matt Sphar has some tips when it comes to using the tube jig in northern waters of the United States. He mentions how bottom contact is critical for success.

Matt Sphar: Drift sock action

Nov 3, 2010

When I'm using a drift sock, I'm fishing deep water explains Matt Sphar. He explains that a constant speed is critical to success.

Paul Elias: Marking the spot

Nov 3, 2010

Paul Elias has spent decades refining deep structure fishing. Read his tips to mark the spot and catch a boatload of bass.

Roumbanis: The color of crawfish

Oct 27, 2010

Elite Series pro Fred Roumbanis, who says that early season success can hinge on picking the right hue of crawfish-imitating lures.