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Shaw’s 10 rules of sight fishing

Mar 7, 2012

If there’s a better angler than Shaw Grigsby at catching bass off beds, he’s hiding under a rock somewhere. Use these tips from the sight fishing master to up your odds this spring.

Swindle's secret winter weapon

Dec 27, 2011

Anyone can catch 'em when they're in the backs of creeks and hitting anything that moves. What about when they vacate the shallows and move back to the main lake?

Dream Fulfilled

Jun 20, 2011

Lee Sisson retires with a smile

Prespawn wisdom

Apr 5, 2011

A week before competition was to begin in the Alabama Charge on Pickwick Lake, about 100 miles to the northwest, Terry Scroggins shared some of his prespawn knowledge.

Sight fishing alternatives

Mar 28, 2011

Tips from the Elite Series pros on "sight fishing" without having to look at them.

Master Series on Power Fishing with Kevin VanDam

Mar 15, 2011

Kevin VanDam talks about power fishing tactics at this year's Bassmaster Classic.

A techie Classic

Mar 9, 2011

The 2011 Bassmaster Classic on the Louisiana Delta exemplifies how far we've come with technological advances in our boating equipment.

Solving knotty issues

Mar 3, 2011

I can't tell you how many times I've watched someone struggle to secure his boat to a dock with a rope, only to panic and throw a few wraps around something and hope they held.

Sound advice on rattles

Mar 1, 2011

When Bassmaster Elite Series angler Tommy Biffle is among the leaders of a Bassmaster event, count on him being at the top because of a jig or soft plastic bait dressed with rattles.

Tin or glass?

Mar 1, 2011

Ten years ago, that decision was pretty cut and dried. If you wanted a glitzy, high performance rig, you chose fiberglass. If you were shopping for an entry level rig to fish small lakes and shallow rivers, aluminum was the way to go.