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Ohio River pollution

Mar 1, 2011

CINCINNATI — The mighty Ohio River rises in downtown Pittsburgh and flows 981 miles to its confluence with the Mississippi River at Cairo, Ill. Flowing through heavily populated and industrialized areas, it collects an unsettling array of contaminants.

Alabama spotted bass invade Tennessee

Oct 21, 2010

Alabama spotted bass invade the Volunteer State

Potomac smallmouth

Oct 21, 2010

Recently completed research on the presence of female reproductive cells in male smallmouth bass has led fisheries scientists to conclude that the "intersex condition" is now present throughout the Potomac River's expansive watershed.

Bass Times: Fishing For A Greater Good

Aug 20, 2009

The Capital City Bassmasters have raised more than $45,000 to date for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Shoal Bass

Aug 20, 2009

As black bass species go, the shoal bass is clearly a nonconformist. Unlike its largemouth and smallmouth cousins, the shoal bass is quite particular about its habitat and forage.

Virginia's Occoquan

Aug 17, 2009

Battle Bass At Virginia's Occoquan River

Rejection for snakehead sympathizers

Nov 18, 2008

If you believe the ill-tempered, gluttonous northern snakehead is truly a fish only a mother could love, then you are in for a shock

Record year for pollution

Nov 18, 2008

Last spring's floods that inundated several Midwestern states washed near-record amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus into the Mississippi River and its tributaries

Potomac sewage facility seeks reduction in limits

Nov 18, 2008

Sprawling across 150 acres of Potomac River shoreline, Blue Plains discharges more than 300 million gallons of treated wastewater daily into one of the most productive bass fisheries in the nation

Chesapeake Bay cleanup

Nov 10, 2008

EPA reports little progress in Chesapeake Bay cleanup